Teach For America is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to enlist, develop, and mobilize as many as possible of our nation's most promising future leaders to grow and strengthen the movement for educational equity and excellence.

Teach For America – Bay Area is on a mission to cultivate conscious community-centered educators who work in partnership with students to create classrooms and schools that disrupt systemic inequity. Combining the scholarship of critical race educators with engaging multimedia content and interactive learning activities, Conscious Consulting constructed an adult-learning curriculum anchored on principles of culturally relevant teaching and social justice education. Through our partnership, Teach For America – Bay Area was able to provide 167 pre-service teachers with 7 weeks of social justice-centered leadership development that immersed emerging educators in histories, orientations, theories and practices that constructively center students and communities, decolonize pedagogy and curriculum, and encourage rigorous instruction.

The staff of Teach For America – Bay Area hold deep convictions for equity and justice for all students, and are committed to creating stellar pre-service teacher development experiences year after year. With more than two decades of experience in education, they were exceptionally clear and confident about their areas of strength, as well as honest about their needs for support in the areas of social justice instruction and inclusion. Design work, whether it is a lesson plan, session plan, or curriculum plan is a delicate dance of simplifying complex theoretical concepts, cultivating cognitive development, curating authentic experiences and accounting for diverse learning styles. It is one step of many in an ongoing walk toward equity, which is something Teach For America truly understands. Their humility, trust, and foresight opened the door for a seamless and successful partnership.