OneGoal's mission is to close the degree divide in America. They are working to ensure every young person has an equitable opportunity to acheive their greatest postsecondary aspirations.

"Jamie LeShae started the OneGoal CRP Summit in a way that literally changed my mind about the experience I was going to encounter. To be honest, I was worried our summit might be same as usual: people saying the 'right' thing (very safe and comforting to white dominance). That was not the case at all. Jamie brought me to tears, bringing me along on a journey that used history to reveal the power and spiritual gift of blackness, and forced me to look at where I have contributed to oppressing young people and myself. Through her words, I found power and a desire to fight, relearn and decolonize my own thinking. Through a combination of music, as well as authentic, loving, and bold storytelling, I felt empowered from a level I have never explored before. This was one of those moments that sparked continued change in my life. I am so grateful for Jamie and the power she holds and shares in her 'work.' - Lydia Mercer, Director of Secondary Support, National Program Team

One Goal is driven to be culturally relevant educators for their fellows. Their first Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Staff Summit in April 2018 aimed to be a catalytic experience for all program staff members on understanding, investing and applying the foundational principles of CRP in their work. One Goal needed an engaging opening key note to set the tone for their inaugural summit, and called on Jamie to do what she does best: spark. Her keynote address, "Culture is Courageous. Are We Ready?" integrated music, history, story telling and active reflection to help educators mine the definition and function of culture and be introspective about their relationships and roles in the work of educational equity. When surveyed, participants rated Jamie's keynote at 4.51 out of 5. One staffer added, "Jamie Jenkins, in particular, was just life changing."