Oloruntomi 'Olo' Saliu is the Founder of Soar Higher You Never End (SHYNE), which has a mission to ignite intergenerational healing and Diasporic liberation through intimate relationships with the Ancestors and actualize Divine Motherhood. Her work sits at an innovative intersection of spirituality, psychology, sociology and education. She is a Spelman College alumna, has served as a professional educator and is a devotee of the West African practice of Ifa. Olo has upheld an extensive commitment to mastering herself through what she refers to as The Art of Self Study. Her proposition is that the only route to societal change is through mastery of Self. Oloruntomi does this work as an answer to her divine assignment in this lifetime toward Cultivating Liberation, and as an extension of women's organizing work led by her Great-Grandmother Helen Phifer-Stockton. Learn more about Oloruntomi/SHYNE by visiting www.soarhigher.org

I met Jamie 7 years into a self-based case study where I'd come to realize that my divinity and uniqueness were triggers for the world. It was a norm for me to enter spaces, and through my being, create cultural interruption. While I was clear and committed to it, I often found myself in toxic outcomes: being blacklisted, reprimanded, shamed, blamed and even stolen from. The impact: reinforcement of internalized false beliefs about myself that I was actively working to reprogram. As a result, I felt disempowered and stifled in my ability to express/innovate with my skills in teaching, designing and influencing others.

Through working with Jamie, I was able to experience the opposite of what had become my normal. She not only saw me at my core, but she demanded, affirmed and made space for me to express it. Jamie was willing to take a holistic approach in coaching me to design, facilitate, train, and develop a multi-tiered program which equipped me with skills to build an organization and movement. Our work together led to something that all of us deserve: clarity through a renewal of spirit and mind.

Oloruntomi Saliu is a visionary who demonstrates her activism through her being, which is both rare and revolutionary in a society that prefers respectability politics and rhetoric to realism. Leaders like her are often demonized, policed, silenced, and reprimanded for being counter-cultural, even though resistance to the norm is precisely the practice necessary for innovation and change. Our coaching relationship was based in helping Oloruntomi to own her authencity and idiosyncracies, teaching her concrete skills of program design and development, and supporting her in explicitly articulating her vision and practices as a science. Many organizations in education reform promote missions for transformation and change, but are generally ill-equipped to understand, respond to, or support the resiliant resistance necessary to steward such ambitious missions. Jamie's responsive and spiritual coaching for activist-educators addresses this gap.