Northeast College Prep (NECP) is on a mission to ensure strong academic, social-emotional, and talent development in every member of its diverse student body, thereby positioning each student for college graduation, career success, and positive community impact.

In partnership with a newly established equity committee, K. Oloruntomi Saliu of Conscious Consulting, developed a staff professional development series that honors diversity and stands on on the principles of social justice. After a half-day experience of dialogical learning and reflection, the 56 member NECP team are on a path towards practicing ongoing self-reflection and utilizing critical consciousness in the everyday work done with students, families and colleagues. This journey will continue across the 2017-2018 school year, with Conscious Consulting designing and facilitating experiences that cultivate self-awareness, cultural competence and social justice orientations of all staff.

As a young institution, Northeast College Prep (NCP) has had limited engagement with equity education, but they are amazingly clear on the importance of incorporating authentic equity-based professional development into the school ecosystem. With this being their fourth year of servicing students, they hope to cultivate a professional learning community where social justice education is both urgent and executed in a way that is not disempowering for their students, faculty and staff. There is a resounding willingness from everyone at Northeast College Prep to dive into the deep work required on this journey. Their openness and commitment to student success lay the foundation for the equity and excellence that students deserve.