Teaching Trust develops strategic, visionary leadership at multiple levels within schools and school systems so that they can engage and lead accountable, collaborative teams. In turn, these teams ensure schools have high quality teaching and learning cultures, which is necessary to provide an education that eliminates educational inequities for students of color and students from resilient communities.

"I've learned so much in the time we've spent with Jamie. Our sessions with Conscious Consulting illuminated how I've let perfection be the enemy of progress. My desire to do it right the first time was an unconscious attempt to avoid the messy work of making many different drafts of actions, and the discomfort of editing and adjusting my behaviors along the way. I am now more willing to 'just jump in the pool' and get into the work, even without a clear map or understanding of how to do it the 'right way.'" - Cassie Thompson, Program Coordinator

Teaching Trust initiated a two-year partnership with Conscious Consulting to intentionally integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into its institutional framework. In year one, the Teaching Trust Leadership Team engaged in 6 months of intensive coaching and broader staff dived into 6 months of identity development, including a 2-day community immersion experience that centered the voices and histories of students, organizers, and activists. In year two, four staff members enrolled into train-the-trainer programming with Conscious Consulting to build the competencies to drive development internally. Teaching Trust now institutes DEI into hiring and onboarding, staff engagements, and program experiences for school teams.