Great educators know that one size does not fit all. We appreciate that unique identities, strengths, and struggles impact outcomes. The same is true of our work at Conscious Consulting. We conduct one-on-one interviews with each staff member and shadow key work streams to provide you with key insights into the current gifts and gaps of your organization's diversity, equity, and inclusiveness (DEI) practice. This allows you access to a roadmap of recommendations tailored specifically to the needs and goals your organization instead of cookie-cutter experiences.

There are macro and micro actions that perpetuate inequity or promote equity in schools and systems. Social justice education stands on the philosophy that resistance to inequity must be driven from the center of the experience, by students and their communities, as has been demontrated through justice movements of history. We host a range of workshops based on their needs and preferences discovered in the assessment. Example sessions include (but are not limited to): diversity, equity, & inclusiveness foundations; social justice education in the classroom (culturally responsive teaching); difficult conversations; history & hegemony of education; actualizing our leadership as people of color; and community circles.

We don't shy away from acknowledging the complicated history of conquest and subjugation in the United States, the impact of this history on the structures of our public institutions, and how we are impacted differently in society according to our social identities. We are acutely aware of experiences of people of color within American institutions, and how their perspectives and approaches can be systemically and unintentionally minimized. Thus we offer specific sessions and supports focused solely on distinct identity groups, to not only affirm brilliance, but also to actualize unique lenses and leadership that are critical to our work for educational equity.

Do you train teachers or education leaders? We have deep expertise in adult development and the art of authentically centering diversity, equity, inclusiveness, and social justice in training programs. We've designed programs for thousands of pre-service teachers, in-service teachers, teacher coaches, non-profit professionals, and community leaders. We know the unique needs of each group and the delicate design necessary to thoughtfully weave justice concepts into educational practice. We can help you to revise an existing program or develop an entire program from scratch. Let us know your needs!

Our supports are not limited to workshops and program design. We are able to serve as thought-partners in a variety of work streams in your organization. Perhaps you need help infusing equity into your hiring and interview processes, or maybe you want to review your organization's materials to revise the language and center social justice. Whatever the need, our expertise is helping you move from the principles of diversity, equity, inclusiveness, and social justice, to the practice. Our targeted project support is an excellent pathway to concretely internalizing these ideals in your classroom or organization.

While workshop are great for building the knowledge necessary for the work of diversity, equity, inclusiveness, and social justice, the practice requires a different type of support. We can watch basketball and learn the concepts, but we have to play the game to truly get it. What's more, we have to be coached to get better at it. Organizational change is accelerated with the ongoing support of a coach who can help connect the concepts that we have learned in workshops to the work we do everyday. Additionally, having expert counsel as we experience the cognitive dissonance of change helps us to be aware and appreciative of normal jolts along the journey.

The Justice Journey increases the empowerment and leadership of our students and communities by cultivating social justice-oriented teacher leaders and education professionals. During this 2.5 day experience, we ground ourselves in a deeper interpretation of social change movements to reframe our work through the lens of equity. As we explore social change movements of the past, we place particular emphasis on understanding multiple facets of people, purposes, problems, and paths. We consider the identities, values, motivations and goals that continually evolve and define us as change agents.